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May 21, 2017
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Picture editing software is so popular nowadays. With social media channels being available for internet users and sharing photos can be done in an instant, anyone can now edit, enhance, crop or add anything on their photos easily with photo editing tools in place.

Photo editing or photo manipulation was first started in 1860s using only a hand. Since computers haven’t yet invented, people had to edit photos using their own hands by pasting everything together and use other tools like paint and ink to enhance its appearance or make larger pictures. Then in the 1980s, computer programs were made on which Adobe Photoshop was released and became the most popular photo editing software during that time.

Today, we enjoy so many picture editing programs that we can download or use directly online, paid or free. Here we give you the best free picture editing software you can use whether you’re in your desktop, laptop or mobile.


Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a good alternative to Photoshop providing numerous professional editing tools with separated windows for the original image, toolbox and layers. Get Gimp for Windows, Macos and Linux.


This software offers not only the basic photo editing but also lets you create your own animated GIFs, create slideshows and capture screenshots. With it, you can personalize your selected toolbar or use the default one to explore other tools it offers. PhotoScape is available for Windows and Macos.


A Microsoft-mentored replacement for MS Paint, Pain.NET has grown to be one of the most functional and advanced image editing software of Windows featuring user interface element, fast image editing performance and layers.

You can utilize this app with your smartphone or tablet in two different editor; Pixlr Editor in Advanced or Pixlr Express in Efficient. It’s a simple photo-editing software that lets you adjust the size, create overlays and tweak images.

So the next time you want to upload or share your photos on your Facebook or Instagram account, make sure to try these best free picture editing software. Enjoy!

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