What is clipart?

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May 28, 2017
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Our society is in constant change and so is art. Even art gained its electronic form which comprises simple illustrations that are totally different from photographic images. It is called as clipart. Typically, clip art available in different file format, either vector graphics or bitmaps.

But really, what is clipart? And why you should use it? Where does it originate? Read on and learn more!

What is the use of clipart? A question you’ll never understand until you know its origin. The word ‘clipart’ came from the practice of cutting images manually right from pre-existing words in order to reuse on other publishing projects.

Way back then, it was utilized on a certain process known as paste up. Majority of the clip art images were considered as line art. The entire process starts out through cutting clip art through hand. After that, it will be attached through adhesives into a board which represents a certain scale size of the printed work.

Gone now are the paste up days. With the advent of technology, we can easily create a detailed clipart no matter what you want. Online world also changed the conventional clipart delivery system such as CD libraries and Microsoft Office into cloud storage.

Why Choose Clipart Over Other Images?

If the job requires a more universal and cartoon-like approach to a specific subject, then you need to use a clipart. Be it a simple arrow pointing towards a corrupt man or police officers blowing his/her whistle, they can significantly help you with your project’s layout.

Compared to rectangular edges of stock photos, they can perfectly fit within a body of text. It also lets graphic designer tailor more appealing pages.

So again, what is clipart? It’s a timesaving tool, which you may use for branding or logo creation, infographics, mobile app icons, business presentations and website templates. In other words, it makes your design-related work easier. Indeed, a lifesaver you shouldn’t ignore.

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